Proposed Development projects in 2003

Progress of proposed developmental projects of SRS Kshethra by the Trust.

1. Bheemashewara Road - The Road constructed from the foot hill to Bheemeshwara temple as infrastructure for the further developmental work. The Parking place near Bheemeshwara temple to be developed .

2. Drinking Water Supply - Pure water is catered through SRS Kshethra from Borewells maintained by the Trust for the purpose of Pooja, Abhisheka, Drinking, Dasoha and other Utilities purposes. Holy Pond Near Sri Revanna Siddeshwara Temple at the top was cleaned with the co-operation of the NSS Camp Students and proposed to maintain the same in future.

3. Anna Dasoha - Nithya Anna Dasoha scheme launched by the Trust on Monday 24th November 2003. Daily Maha Prasadha will be served to Thousands of piligrims, in addition to this same will be extended to many more people on the following authorised events

    • Educational camps / NSS Camps
    • Medical Camps
    • Training Camps
    • Environmentalists Camps etc.
  • Maha Prasadha TIMEINGS
Evening Tea Time
12 noon - 4.30 pm
6.45 pm - 7.00 pm
8.30 pm - 9.30 pm

Milk served for Kids below 3 years around the clock


  • Daily
    • Ragi ball, Payasam+Ghee, Rice, Sambar, Butter Milk, Pickle

    By Devoties sponsorship on the aspecious occassion of their families like Birthday, Nameing Ceremony, Wedding, Anniversaries and other functions.

    • Holige+Ghee, Payasam, Rice, Sambar, Kosumbari, Palya, Pickle, Buttermilk based on their request.

Modernisation of Present Dasoha Bhavana

Steam Cooking System inagurated on 31st January 2011

4. Construction of New Dasoha Bhavana

  • Proposed New Dasoha Bhavana Building
  • Total Estimated cost is Rs. 10.5 crores
  • Area 150ft x 100ft
  • Parking place
  • Waiting Caridor
  • Dinning Hall (Ground floor)
  • Meeting Hall cum Dinning Hall (First floor)
  • Kitchen
  • Store Room with cold storage facility
  • Rest Room
  • Staying accomodiation
  • Rooms for Single families
  • Room for Joint Families
  • Darmatory
  • Roof Toilets and Bathroom
  • Conference Hall
  • Meditation Hall cum Pooja Hall



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